Play more pay less with a multi visit pass.

Key features:

* 10 Private Playtime session multi visit pass.

*Pay only $400 +tax for 10 private play time (50 minutes) each. (Save $100)

*Pass are valid for 3 months from the  date of purchase.

*MVP valid on all days, reserve your visit online on "Private play time".

*Pass includes private playtime for up to 5 kids, adults are free. $8 for extra kids.

*Groups up to 16 people total are allowed per visit.

*To cancel your reservation please send us an email or text the day before at no cost.

*Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged ($20.00 off your package value). 

*This Offer not valid with any other offer / or cannot be combined with any other offer.

*Private play time terms & conditions, rules & guidelines and waiver applicable.

We are located at:

Orchard Plaza, Suite 3.

1610 Rte 35

Oakhurst, NJ



  • Price $50.00 private play date of maximum 5 kids, and 5 adults 1 hour play time. 
  • Maximum 16 people for group.
  • $8 extra for each kids, if you have more than 5 kids in your reservation.

    • FREQUENT VISIT CARD Get one free weekday pass after 8 paid regular admissions. Do not forget to bring your frequent visit card with you, however if you do forget, we can always combine multiple saving cards to redeem your free pass.

    FIELD TRIP Preschool/Daycare Field Trip Group Discounts:

    We offer exceptional discount to local preschool and daycare operators. Please contact us at: justplaynj@gmail.com to schedule your trip.


    Monday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm*


    Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am- 6:00pm*
    *Please check our calendar for time slots on the weekends, If no events are scheduled, we have private play time from 9:00am-6:00pm! 


    • Parents must supervise their children at all times and wear face mask.
    • Adults and Children are required to wear socks (available for purchase $2.00 each).
    • Waiver must be signed by all guests, which could be signed in advance
    • No outside food allowed.
    • Availability can't be guaranteed.
    • Additional rules and restrictions may apply