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Private play time

Private Play Dates with Just your friends!


 Sign up and reserve your play time online. 

Private Play Dates: $50.00  (bring your own group 1 up to 5 children) for 50 minutes session. $8/extra child, maximum 16 people per session.

What does it include?: 

Exclusive use of Just Play Indoor Playground & Café for private play time. 

It will just be you and whoever you choose to invite. 

Organize a playdate! Snacks and drink options available. 

The Private Play option CANNOT be used for a birthday party.  If you are interested in a birthday during one of the private play time slots, the birthday party rate will apply.  

** Time slots will be available online until one hour prior, this allows us to have the staff ready and prepare for your visit.

  •  Our play space is designed for children under 6 years old.
  • Adults and teens over 13 years old are free.
  • Babies since 6 months old up have to pay.
  • All Adults are required to wear socks.
  •  Socks are always available to purchase in the café for $2.00

Cleaning Procedures:


  • We use Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners whenever children are present or will soon be present. This kills coronaviruses in 30 seconds and completed disinfects in 3 minutes. Safe for children.
  • UV light sanitizing wand
  • Steamer cleaner with vinegar to disinfect .
  • We occasionally use Bleach, but since the introduction of Hydrogen Peroxide as our bleaching agent, it isn’t the most often used product in our space and is only used if children will not be in again until the next day.
  • We also use Hospital Grade Sani-Wipes for high touch surfaces like door knob, handles and devices.


    • Mouthed Toy Buckets are available throughout our facility, set up for parents to place items their child has put in their mouth. We ask that parent be diligent in this. No toys return to the play area without being disinfected again.
    • We are currently doing limited play sessions and closing for cleaning before the next session.
    • During closed for cleaning times we are replacing toys of pretend play area, wiping down all surfaces with a towel soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution
    • Toys are either rotated out and put away for cleaning or are wiped down or dunked in solution. Plastic toys are dunked in solution and left to dry before being put back out, wooden toys are usually wiped.
    • Cloth toys are sprayed with a hydrogen peroxide cleaner and set aside to dry while new ones are rotated in. Exposed under UV light.
    • Furniture is wiped or lightly sprayed with hydrogen peroxide cleaner.
    • Ball pit is cleaning before the next session with Steam cleaners disinfect with vinegar solution.


    MicroShield 360 antimicrobial coating system has been proven to constantly reduce germs by >99% on treated surfaces even after routine cleaning.

    • The MicroShield 360 system is a multi-step application process that works to immediately kill then prevent future pathogens from living on treated surface
    • Clear, Colorless and Oderless
    • 100% Preventative, Not Reactionary
    • Hypoallergenic and Non-Toxic
    • Non-Leaching Technology
    • Mechanical Kill, Not Cidal
    • Doesn't Allow for Resistances
    • Works Every Second of Every Day
    • Continue Normal Cleaning Protocols
    Just Play!


Get one free weekday pass after 8 paid regular admissions. Do not forget to bring your frequent visit card with you, however if you do forget, we can always combine multiple saving cards to redeem your free pass.